[Pool] Off by a second leap second failures

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp.org
Sun Jul 12 20:44:55 UTC 2015

Rob Janssen writes:
> Martin Schr=F6der wrote:
> > 2015-07-12 11:54 GMT+02:00 Rob Janssen <rob at knoware.nl.eu.org>:
> >> or Microsoft, and leave the Linux community alone.  We don't want that k=
> ind
> >> of sh*t,
> > Instead you prefer a project that claims to need a dozen people full
> > time for a small problem.
> Well, it is the chief maintainer of the project that claims this, not
> the project itself.  I have seen this claim a few times, but I also
> see people in other fields claim that they make 80 hour workweeks, and
> I usually attribute this to either exaggeration or inefficient
> working.  Some people achieve less in 80 hours than others do in 20.
> In that case it is dangerous to extrapolate the own figures to the
> number of people required to do the job.  It may well be that one
> additional person can do the remaining 11/12 of the work.

I invite you to put your money where your mouth is.

I can give you references to people who can attest to the hours I put
it, and lots of others who can attest to how efficiently I work.

You don't even need to go anywhere near that far.

Assuming you are competent and collaborative, how about volunteering
5-10 hours/week on the project and getting some idea of what's involved?


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