[Pool] Off by a second leap second failures

Ask Bjørn Hansen ask at ntppool.org
Mon Jul 13 08:06:51 UTC 2015

> On Jul 10, 2015, at 8:13, Svavar Kjarrval <svavar at kjarrval.is> wrote:
> Are the server admins notified of the problem and advised on general
> solutions? Even if they're kicked out of the pool, they'll probably
> continue to serve bad time for others.

When a server score goes below 10 (if I remember right) the system sends off an email to tell the operator that something is amiss. Depending on what’s wrong this is usually within 90-120 minutes of the server going sour. If the server continues to be down then every few weeks the system will send you a reminder before (eventually) marking the server deleted and notifying the operator about that.

The system generally err’s on the side of sending fewer mails rather than more though, so it’s not a substitute for a system with more immediate alerts.


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