[Pool] Virtualization

Arnold Schekkerman ntp-list at mallos.nl
Tue Jul 21 21:54:26 UTC 2015

On 20-07-15 18:25, Martin Jones wrote:
> I now have it registered in the pool as a 1Gbps server but ntp traffic is
> only using about 15% of my monthly transfer allowance of 1TB.
> I see no good reason why a service provider should differentiate between
> ntp and any other type of IP traffic while there is an agreed allowance
> covered by the monthly fee.

They have more control over NTP traffic (and possible abuse or other issues) if
they support the pool with dedicated resources. Another reason might be that NTP
traffic to an IP can stay for a long time after you stop being a customer. The next
customer obtaining your former IP may not like the residue NTP traffic. In this,
NTP is different from other traffic.

But then, I am no hosting provider and make no use of one's services. I just pass
on what I encountered and suggest to check with your hosting provider. Further, I
really don't care ;-)

Kind regards,

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