[Pool] 8-10k pps in Brazil

Joseph B josephb at f-m.fm
Sat May 23 01:13:41 UTC 2015

> The DNS server software logs e.g. every 100th request by increasing a 
> counter.
> Then maybe once a day/hour a job runs that checks how much bandwidth 
> is registered in each zone and if the relation to the requests is ok or

I'm not sure how closely DNS requests correlate to bandwidth

Certainly there are many clients that do a single DNS query on startup /
initiate and keep querying the same IP from then on.

It might balance out over time, I don't have enough data to make an
assertion :-)

> servers. Or a sort of "backup pool" is opened with server admins that are 
> willing to fill in gaps where necessary, though I'd prefer the global
> zone as source, as that results in a better distribution of the load.

A backup pool with enough resources is a good idea, I'd be happy to have
an option to nominate servers outside of a region as available as extra
capacity for that region, otherwise the larger regional or global pool
would be a better option.



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