[Pool] 8-10k pps in Brazil

Austin France adf at sorcerer.co.uk
Mon May 25 11:01:50 UTC 2015

Not reducing the bandwidth means that the affected servers (like mine) drop
out of the pool all together.  By reducing the bandwidth I was able to get
my server back in the pool at least.


On 23 May 2015 at 10:24, Denis Corbin <news at edrusb.is-a-geek.org> wrote:

> On 22/05/2015 20:47, Maximiliano Valdez wrote:
> > Matt, sorry for the duplicity, I forgot to reply to the list
> Hi all,
> > Hi Matt
> >
> > I wonder if this behaviour is the result of some kind of load balancing
> > error on ntp.org DNS or something.
> >
> An DoS attack using IP source spoofing could cause the same behavior
> from the attacked server point of view. Difficult to know whether this
> is a load balancing error or an single attack.
> However, if the NT pool is reduced for Brazil due to some network issues
> for example, the behavior is different: all server still remaining in
> the pool should see the same load increase, well, more or less.
> The number of active server in the Brazil pool is available at
> http://www.pool.ntp.org/zone/br
> First there is a small number of servers and load balancing may
> statistically be unfair more often than for a larger pool. Second, the
> number of active server dropped from 20 down to 9 since the beginning of
> the year. This alone could explain the load increase Matt observes on
> his server.
> Reducing the bandwidth in "Manage your servers" will increase the load
> the other servers which might lead their respective maintainers to
> reduce the bandwidth allocation at the same place which will increase
> back the load on your server...
> Cheers,
> Denis.
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