[Pool] 8-10k pps in Brazil

lst_hoe02 at 79365-rhs.de lst_hoe02 at 79365-rhs.de
Thu May 28 06:50:30 UTC 2015

Zitat von Kiss Gábor <kissg at niif.hu>:

>> The "3g" bit of the hostnames piques my interest as well -- could they be
>> cell phones? Cellular modems? Maybe they have a faulty NTP client? (But I
>> thought GSM had its own way of syncing time?)
> I guess zillions of (mobile) users got address of your NTP server
> from the provider badly configured DHCP server.
> Try to traceroute some clients to see what is their IP provider.
> Gabor

This might be a problem. To my knowledge the DHCP option 42 (time  
server) send an IPv4 address to the clients for use as time source. If  
some moron used br.pool.ntp.org in the DHCP config this might lead to  
one DNS lookup at startup of the DHCP server and subsequent reusage of  
this IP address, no?
So your IP address will be the target until the DHCP server(s) are  



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