[Pool] RIPE Atlas monitoring pool

Philip Homburg pch-ntppool at u-1.phicoh.com
Fri May 29 09:02:47 UTC 2015


I work on the RIPE Atlas project (https://atlas.ripe.net/). We have more
than 8000 probes world wide that can performance various types of measurements.
Ping, traceroute, dns, http, but also ntp.

My plan is to start a measurement where all probes perform ntp measurements
towards pool. Especially with the upcoming leap second, now seems to be
an interesting time to start the measurement. There is almost a month to
collect a baseline reference. And some system might announce the leap 
second early.

My current plan is to have each probe run an ntp measurement toward
pool.ntp.org every 15 minutes. A measurement involves looking up
pool.ntp.org in DNS and sending 3 requests towards the first IPv4 address
that is returned. (IPv6 capable probes would run a separate measurement
to the first IPv6 address). 

In general, our raw measurement results are public. 

I'm writing this mail to get feedback from the pool operators to see if those
parameters are acceptable, if this is the best way to run the measurement,

Philip Homburg

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