[ntp:questions] Re: Public servers?

Harlan Stenn stenn at whimsy.udel.edu
Fri Aug 1 01:25:03 UTC 2003


First, won't manycast solve this problem?

> I apologize if my previous messages have not adequately and strongly
> emphasized the issue: No cigar unless some way is found to either
> guarantee a priori that servers returned by a ad hoc discorvery agent
> have volunteered ubiquitous access (pool.ntp.org) or to respect the
> rules of engagement prescribed in the public lists. Routine violation of
> these rules has led to the premature departure of several servers
> operated by national laboratories, which is a damn shame.

Help me out here.  You are talking about a case where a Large Number of
folks start killing a low-stratum server that folks do not want touched.

I am talking about a mechanism that will, for the most part:

- find a router within a hop or three of the user's gateway
- that is from their ISP
- that is not an S2 or an S1 server

> If somebody independently discovers one of our heavily restricted
> servers and then comes up without knowing about or agreeing to the rules
> of engagement in the public lists, I get really ugly, inspirationally
> rude and in general creatively revengeful. There are a couple of server
> operators in the public lists who are even more inflamable than me.

Sure, but this mechanism won't find those, will it?

> Please note really very carefully, there are numerous private stratum 1
> and 2 servers whose access controls forbid no access outside the
> institution at all. We have many servers in that category now protected
> by draconian access control lists. You find one of those and you get a
> kiss-o'-death packet in reply. It would then seem to require ad hoc
> address collectors to properly respond to kiss packets.

OK, and the mechanism I describe won't find these, will it?

> Twiki not spoken here. Please keep this discussion on public airwaves
> and not in in chat rooms.

The TWiki is not a chat room.

Nobody expects you to do anything there.

The twiki is public.  It is a forum where people can go and see answers
and discussions that are archived, easily updated, and easily
searchable, so we don't have to re-hash discussions like this ad nausem.

You want this information easily available and you apparently don't want
to be bothered by this stuff time and time again.

> Dave
> Harlan Stenn wrote:
> > I think one solution to this problem is for the script that finds ntp
> > servers is:
> > - return the first system it finds
> > - return additional servers until it finds an S2 server (which it would
> >   *not* return, and at that point it would stop looking for more
> >   servers)
> > How would that be?
> > And I've started a topic on this at twiki.ntp.org.  I'd appreciate more
> > people adding to it (perhaps creating a ...Discussion topic underneath
> > it).
> > H

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