[ntp:questions] Re: Config question - peer/server

Eric ejensen at spamcop.net
Sun Aug 3 19:28:23 UTC 2003

On 29 Jul 2003 21:29:13 GMT, "B.A.Baumgart" <bab at inel.gov> wrote:

>What I am not sure of is this.  Should the internal stratum-2 machines be 
>peered to all other stratum-2s (full mesh), or should they be chained (1 
>is peered to 2 and servered to an external stratum-2, 2 is peered to 1 
>and 3, 3 is peered to 2 and 4, etc)?  They will all be servered(?) to the 
>stratum-1s.  The stratum-1 machines are not configurable, they just 
>supply time to whoever asks.
>I do not want to find, or have that many outbound connections to, an 
>external stratum-2 for each internal stratum-2.  If I fully mesh them, do 
>I even really need any external stratum-2?

Probably two of your stratum 2's should have external servers
configured.  In NTP, the accuracy ultimately stems from the S1
servers, but the reliability is gained at the Stratum 2s.  

I think the best Stratum 2 servers, for reliability' sake, have at
least three (3) S1s and three (3) S2s servers configured (one or two
local, one or two external, of each stratum).  This gives you plenty
of room for false-ticker detection, and some resistance to error from
network bias.  

For your other S2s, without the external server configs, they should
all just peer with each other, use the first S2s as servers, and use
one or both of the local S1s, if convenient.  

- Eric

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