[ntp:questions] Re: on calculi for delay & offset

Morpheus spam at world.com
Mon Aug 4 08:38:59 UTC 2003

> You send the Originate Timestamp and the 3 other 64 bit timestamps are
> 00's.

i do

> The Originate TimeStamp was sent by you in the First Packet.
> My guess is that the server just copies it and sends it back to you.
> Maybe they plan on doing something with it?

yes, the server copies the Transmit Timestamp of the request packet into the
Originate Timestamp field of the respose in order to let the client verify
the answer as legal.

> Well, you should go ahead and send the Timestamp, since that is what the
> protocol calls for.

SNTP client doesn't request for set the timestamp, it's raccomanded non

> See if this help.
> I'm close to figuring the protocol out.

thanks, i'll read it carefully

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