[ntp:questions] Re: on calculi for delay & offset

Morpheus spam at world.com
Mon Aug 4 08:54:05 UTC 2003

Hi, it's me again...

> not want to go to that trouble. However, if you do need to calculate
> more precise offset and delay, then you do have to include the
> timestamps and process them as described in the RFC.

should the client do so:

        <record the time now as Originate Timestamp>
        <send the 'simple' request to server>
        <receive the response from the server>
        <record the time now as Destination Timestamp>

and calculate delay ad offset as usual? What the client is doing here is
sending the dummy pachet to server recording the time at which it sent that
packet, waiting for the answer from the server (from which it is able to
get the Receive and Transmit Timestamp recorded in the packet) and
recording the time at which the packet arrives.

is this a correct implementation or the client, in order to calculate the
dalay and offset, must always include the Transmit Timestamp in the request

thanks again

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