[ntp:questions] improving WWVB reception

Chris Campbell chris-google at pobox.com
Mon Aug 4 14:00:06 UTC 2003

I recently bought this clock:


for use in a radio studio.  We're going to do a fancier timekeeping
solution after our studio move next year but for now this is good

Well, it would be if it worked.  The clock synchronizes with WWVB
every night, and I had it working on my engineering bench.  But with
it mounted on my air studio wall, it won't sync.  I've tried three
different positions -- mounted flat on west, north and east walls.  In
each position, I left it there for about a week to see if it would

I'm in Atlanta, so WWVB is generally west from me.  I don't know how
the internal antenna element is oriented, but I assume it's parallel
to the big flat dimension of the clock, so either east or west should
have worked best.  Obviously the building is attenuating the signal,
but I really want it to work in that room, so I've got to find a way
to improve the signal reception without moving the clock much from
where it's at.

So, does anyone have any experience with opening these clocks up and
adding an antenna?  What kind of antenna should I use, and how should
I orient it?

- Chris

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