[ntp:questions] Re: Public servers?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Tue Aug 5 02:01:23 UTC 2003


Thanks for the suggestion. Are the automatic configuration options in 
the NTP documentation what you have in mind?


Paul Repacholi wrote:

> "David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:
>>You make good points; however, keep in mind the U Wisconsin
>>debacle. The Netgear folks were tarred and feathered bigtime, even
>>if my recommendation they be sued for damages and forced to recall
>>defective routers has not happened.However, what good came of the
>>exercise was that Netgear developed a design policy document that is
>>consistent with best practices proposed in the RFC-2030 update,
>>including respect for the KoD packet.
> Have you considered adding raw LAN multi-cast address/Protocol types
> so you can auto configure NTP services on a LAN?

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