[ntp:questions] kiss-of-death packet - terminology

mike cook michael.cook at wanadoo.fr
Tue Aug 5 12:05:08 UTC 2003

In the proposed RFC


the kiss-of-death term is named kiss-o'-death.

While this is of no technical importance and probably
equates to the american pronouciation, it really should be
replaced by kiss-of-death for the following reasons.

  a) Daves previous publications and the current NTP distrib docs
      use the term kiss-of-death.
      ex. accopt.htm, debug.htm, release.htm

  b) Use of caracters with special meanings (') in names is
     usually frowned upon in computing circles, and
     causes complications in string handling.

  c) The all knowing Google doesn't get a single hit for
     kiss-o'-death relating to NTP, but gives plenty of pointers to
     the NTP doc, RFCs and the like for the keyword kiss-of-death.

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