[ntp:questions] Re: kiss-of-death packet - terminology

Christopher Browne cbbrowne at acm.org
Wed Aug 6 23:00:04 UTC 2003

After a long battle with technology,Dale Worley <worley at dragon.ariadne.com>, an earthling, wrote:
> "David L. Mills" <mills at udel.edu> writes:
>> Could very well be, but I have no plans to change my evil ways.
> That might be an impediment to people adopting NTP.

I see little reason to think that most of the people lost thereby
would not have heads of wood, and thereby be no loss anyways.

If "kiss 'o death" leads to the hordes of MBAs-cum-computer-scientists
being unable to find NTP when they think they are doing "research"
using Google, and thus not using it, I don't see there being any
problem thereby.

The loss of that lot means that the people that weren't interested
enough to actually learn how to do research won't find NTP, will be
late for lunch, and hopefully be eaten by a passing herd of
wildebeasts.  Which will neither be a loss to those studying computer
science nor to much of anyone else.  

It will be a net _gain_ for the herd of hungry wildebeasts, who will
presumably owe Dr. Mills a favour.
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