[ntp:questions] Re: kiss-of-death packet - terminology

Mike Ayers mike.ayers at earthling.net
Wed Aug 6 23:16:17 UTC 2003

Christopher Browne wrote:

> If "kiss 'o death" leads to the hordes of MBAs-cum-computer-scientists

	That's "kiss-o'-death".  See, even the natives are confused!  Evil, evil 

> It will be a net _gain_ for the herd of hungry wildebeasts, who will
> presumably owe Dr. Mills a favour.

	Except that wildebeast are herbivores, and will now be angry at Mr. Mills for 
causing them to violate their religion.  Run, David, run!

	I don't know what jack o' lantern means - does that mean I'm not allowed to 
carve one?


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