[ntp:questions] Re: Does this look familiar?

Mike Ayers mike.ayers at earthling.net
Wed Aug 6 23:21:29 UTC 2003

Maarten Wiltink wrote:

> Everybody who reads here for a week has seen it.

	Darn, I must have picked the wrong week.  I've got about two weeks back, and 
didn't see it.

> Usually, it's
> your firewall not allowing NTP traffic, or your broadband modem
> getting a new IP address due to DHCP lease expiration. (More
> likely the former if restarting NTP does not help; the latter if
> it does.)

	The latter.  OK, is there an NTP internal way to deal with this?  Or an NTP 
external way (i.e. control program)?  Or do I simply shoot the NTP process and 
restart every time my address moves?



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