[ntp:questions] Re: problem with broadcast

Mike Ayers mike.ayers at earthling.net
Tue Aug 12 09:02:36 UTC 2003

andrew wrote:

> I've been running a CIDR network for some time and I haven't run into a 
> problem with communication between machines before. I'm running DNS, 
> DHCP,SMTP,IMAP as well as a host of other protocols on my network. If 
> there was a problem with the network stacks of my machines, I think I 
> would have seen it before now. In particular, DHCP uses broadcast UDP 
> packets and it works fine.

	DHCP uses the universal broadcast address, not the net 
broadcast address.  I can find no clause that prohibits restricting networks to 
byte boundaries, so it wouldn't necessarily qualify as a problem.  Are you 
running any broadcast services, such as routed?

> By the way, with a broadcast address of, the netmask is 

	Yep.  My bad.


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