[ntp:questions] Re: NTP Protocol Characterization

David Magda dmagda+trace030725 at ee.ryerson.ca
Tue Aug 12 21:45:05 UTC 2003

Emmanuel Tychon <Emmanuel.Tychon at remove.this.ael.be> writes:
>   - Using two PCs, each of them synchronized with GPS clock. Between
>     those PCs, I also run NTP through a network impairement generator
>     like PacketStorm. Then I compare the NTP-time with the GPS-time.
>     How can I compare my GPS-time and NTP-time? Is is possible to
>     have ntpd running without touching the system clock?

You can also setup a Linux or *BSD router between the two
hosts. There should be packet shaping/prioritizing options available
(there at at least on FreeBSD).

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