[ntp:questions] Re: NTP Protocol Characterization

Emmanuel Tychon Emmanuel.Tychon at remove.this.ael.be
Wed Aug 13 12:03:26 UTC 2003

Thank you David for you prompt and detailled answer.

> In the very latest version the noselect option on the peer/server
> command line has been fixed. With that option on the test machine,
> configure the GPS driver and the other PC with the GPS driver as well.
> Do not use the "disable ntp" command. The test machine will synchronize
> to the other PC and log the peerstats for that machine as well as the
> GPS derver for comparison, but the GPS driver will not affect the system
> clock.

This is exactly what I am looking for. I expect this test to happen in 
the following weeks, at worst in the following months. I'll keep you, 
and anybody else interested (mail me) in the loop.

Regarding the packet impairement simulator, PacketStorm is one of the 
most complete that I know of. I know there are other systems working 
under Linux and *BSD - like David Magda pointed out - but the 
impairement possibilites are not so extended.

Thank you,

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