[ntp:questions] Re: GPS receiver - driver available?

Max T.E. Woodbury Max.TenEyck.Woodbury at verizon.nospam
Tue Aug 12 22:41:42 UTC 2003

David Magda wrote:
> "Max T.E. Woodbury" <Max.TenEyck.Woodbury at verizon.nospam> writes:
>>> Does it output NEMA?  PPS?
>> I don't know.
>> How would I find out?
>> Where are these described?
> The documentation or the web page.

Of course. How silly of me. The stuff with the Pogo cartoons. I looked
at that stuff before I lost/bought-new/found the receiver.

Hmm. grep -i nema /usr/share/ntp=4.1.0/* gives nothing
grep -i pps /usr/share/ntp-4.1.0/* brings up a few items. refclock 
mentions Pulses-per-second, pps describes some kernel options, release 
mainly reefers back to the pps page. Maybe you meant NMEA? grep pulls 
a few things. The GPS software mentions 'any fully compatible NMEA 
receiver' or something like that. I think that means the generic NMEA 
driver should produce something usable. Correct?

Guess the way to tell is put the receiver by a window, plug it in and 
try it. I'll have to move some furniture...

By the way, the DeLorme web site mentions that their new USB version is
NMEA compliant, but does not say anything about the older serial
(It may have had more information originally, but I couldn't find it.)


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