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David Schwartz davids at webmaster.com
Mon Aug 18 02:30:09 UTC 2003

"Ronen C" <ronen09 at hotmail.com> wrote in message
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> I need to develop NTP server with client side capability, the clock source
> for the application is an external clock which I read periodiclly. I
> examined the NTPD code and it seems that al lot of code handles the client
> side of the NTP. I need a subset of this code which implements the server
> side only. I search the internet and also the NTP.org site but I couldn't
> find any usefull code for this purpose.
> I need a reference where to find server code or
> some help how to use the NTPD source without the client side code

    Could you be more precise about what you mean? NTP synchronizes clocks.
There is no server or client, just clocks to be synchronized.

    You can't serve time unless you have a reliable clock. In order to have
a reliable clock, you must have a local clock that's synchronized to a
reference clock.

    So you can't be a server unless you're a client. Unless you have
something very unusual, like a reference clock that can tell you the correct
time at any instant.

    You say you have an external clock that you read periodically. You want
to synchronize your local clock to that reference clock. That's what the
client code does -- probe a reference clock periodically and synchronize the
local clock to that stream of information.

    Are you saying you don't want any of the networking code? You just want
to synchronize your local clock?


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