[ntp:questions] Re: an example of a negative RootDelay, please...

Morpheus spam at world.com
Mon Aug 18 13:20:57 UTC 2003

> Fixed-point arithmetic in twos-complement is just like integer. The only
> difference is in the scaling.

ohh, great!! so i can consider it a 32bit integer number and then "shifting"
it (ie, divide it by 2^16) to obtain the integer and fractional part...

> I don't know how to help you.

You've done, indeed!

> As for understanding how
> the delay can be negative, I repeat; slog through the error anlysis and
> note that negative delays can happen with large frequency skews and
> small propagation times.

i've only needed to "see" how would be in bit format...

Thanks again!

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