[ntp:questions] Re: "Can't set time of day: Interrupted system call" - who can help?

Just justestin at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 20 01:55:11 UTC 2003

I normally don't see this error since my offset is low and ntp is
never required to step the time unless the computer has been powered
I can duplicate the error when I kill ntpd, manually set the time
about one hour early, and then run ntpdate.
I notice when I run ./configure in:
ntp-4.1.1c-rc2 which has this problem, checking for settimeofday... no
ntp-4.1.1c-rc1 which works correctly, checking for settimeofday... yes

Harlan Stenn <stenn at whimsy.udel.edu> wrote in message news:<o4smnx7b5n.fsf at whimsy.udel.edu>...
> Oh!  I didn't realize it was that bug.
> I have no way to duplicate this problem, as I don't see it on the HP
> machines I have access to.
> Fixing this problem probably requires somebody some debug work comparing
> the behavior of the last known working code and the latest code.
> H

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