[ntp:questions] Re: clock resolutions for different OS

Steve nospam_steved94 at comcast.net
Thu Aug 21 03:14:08 UTC 2003

Using teh multimedia timer on NT (MMSystem.timeBeginPeriond) 1 millisecond
time resolutions may be achieved.

(The Duck)

"Drk Ryan" <ryandrk at hotmail.com> wrote in message
news:de98eac0.0308191107.b6e68be at posting.google.com...
> Since operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, certain versions of
> Unix, and WinNT all run at 100Hz clock resolution how is it that their
> timimg suppport varies: FreeBSD handles nanoseconds, Linux handles
> microseconds and WinNT only ~10 milliseconds?
> As 1/100Hz = 10ms should they all not return a resolution of 10ms?

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