[ntp:questions] Re: PPS patch for linux-2.4.7

Emmanuel Tychon Emmanuel.Tychon at remove.this.ael.be
Fri Aug 22 11:59:24 UTC 2003

Xuehuan Li wrote:

> i want to use ntp in linux. for some reason, i can not use the newest 
> linux kernel. now my linux version is 2.4.7, but i can not find the PPS 
> patch for this version of linux. anybody has this version of PPS patch? 
> or who can tell me where i can download it on the web?

I don't think the patch is available for that specific Linux kernel 
version. However, since the patch existed before that and has been 
ported after to 2.4.20, I see no problem to apply the patch for 2.4.20 
on 2.4.7, and to resolve the potential rejects manually.

I am afraid that's the way to go.


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