[ntp:questions]ONCORE driver

Xuehuan Li libryant at hotmail.com
Sat Aug 23 07:59:12 UTC 2003

first of all, thank you for your reply, Ulrich.
after two weeks' study of the source code, my oncore driver had worked now. 
the reason it failed as following:
1. in the driver the output message of the card is assumed to be GMT time, 
but actually my card output the GMT+time zone time in its default setting. 
and when the difference between the local time and the reference time exceed 
4 hours, the ntpd refuse to sync the reference clock.
2. the default TRAIM tolerance is 300ns, it is too strict for my card, so 
the card's TRAIM status is always failed. when i change it to 600ns, it 
works OK.
according to my experience, i suggest somebody should modify the setup code 
of the reference clock to make the code more robust. and i found there is 
some conflict between the source code and the help file. in the help file 
the 'flag 2' is no use for this driver, but in the code it is useful. when 
the 'flag 2' is not set by the user, the 'hardpps' feature will not work 
even the 'hardpps' is enable in the configuration file.

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