[ntp:questions] Re: NTP client as service on Win2K

David J Taylor david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk
Sat Aug 23 08:46:55 UTC 2003

> Thanks for that - just read the help 3 times and still find it ambiguous
> I presume it means that without parameters it assumes you are looking
for a
> PDC as time server.
> If so, it doesn't give any mechanism to check that your NTP
> is working :-(

I have a smple NTP plotter on my Web site which will do something like
that for you - see Net Tools, NTPmonitor.  I also run MRTG which allows
you to monitor NTP with a small Perl program.  This is detailed under
Network Statistics, NTP Summary.  I don't know if using the NTPQ program
from the Windows NTP distribution would work against a W32time service -
might be worth a try!

> Found a post on another newsgroup (microsoft.public.win2000.networking)
> which gave a method for stopping the time service and running
> "W32TM -V -ONCE" for a one shot verbose run of the time service to prove
> is working.
> Very crude, though :-(

So try the NTPQ program....you can get this from the Zip files at:

My own experience dates from before when Microsoft offered NTP as an
option, and I have therefore tended to recommend the software distribution
above which has better support and the behaviour of which is better

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