[ntp:questions] Trimble Setup Question

Greg Blakely Greg.Blakely at MCI.com
Sat Aug 23 23:52:21 UTC 2003

Hi, folks.  Please forgive the beginner-level question, but I've tried
something with NTP that I've not done before, and am running into a few

What I'm doing that's new is running a Trimble Acutime 2000 GPS
receiver.  I have it running, after a fashion, but need to clear up a
few hazy spots:

+  I'm running the "29"-type (Palisade) interface.  I'm using 
   TSIP output from the Acutime.  Should I be using NMEA instead?
   If so, does that change the type of interface I should choose in NTP?

+  The Acutime is sending packets 41, 6D, 46, 4B, 82, 42, 43, 4A, 
   54, 56, 83, 84, 8F-20, and 5A.  Does NTP need all that?
+  What all is needed in ntp.conf?  Do I want to use my local hardware
   as a clock source?  Do I peer with other stratum one clocks?  If so,
   how many?

+  I have ignored the "offset" field in the "peer" billboard of ntpq in
   the past, because, as a client, my computer chose the best source,
   'offset' didn't matter a whole lot.   Now, I find that most of the
   stratum one clocks that I 'peer' with have offsets of 537.950, while
   Trimble Acutime has an offset of -73.123 (as an example).  I'm
   that other clocks have a positive offset of several hundred while my
   stratum one clock has a negative value.  Is this a good thing?

+  After a while, my ntp server stops trusting the Acutime clock source,

   placing an 'x' next to its entry in the 'peers' billboard.  What is
   going on?

+  I will gladly send any debugging info that is necessary to get the 
   answers to some of these questions.

Thanks, folks.   I guess I never fully appreciated the headache of
adding my own stratum one clock into the mix.

- Greg -

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