[ntp:questions] Win9x with NTP and Serial (Meinberg) DCF77 clock

Michael Wuest michael.wuest at black-box.de
Mon Aug 25 09:26:52 UTC 2003


Thanks everybody for the replies. I know, that Win9x is not the IDEAL 
system for being a NTP server. However, there are people that need this.

Because of the need for such a software, I have written a software 
package with
the ability of reading serial information from meinberg clocks and an 
NTP-Server and Client. That package works with all windows version from 95
upwards. I am still in beta test with that software so some people 
wanting to test
it, may contact me directly at michael.wuest at black-box.de

Wishing everybody all the best,

Mit freundlichen Gruessen / Best regards,

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