[ntp:questions] Re: Trimble Setup Question

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Wed Aug 27 22:00:09 UTC 2003

At 4:02 PM -0500 2003/08/27, Greg Blakely wrote:

>  Let me second what someone else said:  If I'd known about the TWIKI
>  documentation when I was getting started, it would have saved me many
>  Google searches.  For basic one-machine setup, it clearly illustrates
>  how simple things can be.  And, for an environment where a company
>  elects to use off-site clock sources, it's a very good template.

	IIRC, much of that content was contributed by Tim Limoncelli. 
This was the first time he ever used anything like a twiki.  He just 
took the text he'd already prepared and basically just "poured" it 
into the page (with a few formatting tweaks, to make it look better).

>  So, to whomever shephers the TWIKI.ntp.org website, thank you very much.

	Everyone in the entire NTP community is welcome to participate in 
this process.  All you have to do is create an account for yourself.

>  A suggestion for the webmaster of www.ntp.org: put a link to the TWIKI
>  site.  It'll save much frustration for all the newbies who go there
>  looking for configuration answers.

	At <http://www.ntp.org/>, there is a link to the TWiki in the 
"Useful Links" sidebar.

	If you have any other suggestions for how we can make this more 
obvious to people who are unfamiliar with this process, we'd love to 
hear your suggestions.

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