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David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Aug 28 02:54:16 UTC 2003


I did a bit more checking and found I have less of a problem with twiki
than I first supposed. So far as I can determine, those pages are
vanilla HTML, even if the shrill commercials for twiki are irritating to
the max. Remove all commercials for twiki and rename the index page
faq.ntp.org and I have no problem with it.

You take issue with my statement that a HTML page is flat. My html pages
are flat as flat is flat, although one might quibble about the table of
contents. And, in principle you don't need a browser to read those
pages. Maybe you haven't noticed, but the NTP software documentation
pages are carefully, carefully only mimimalist formatted so you can
indeed read them with a text editor with only minor eyestrain. The most
important reason for that is that I have only one-sixth vision compared
to normal folks, and I often light up these documents using an ancient
text editor more eye-friendly to low vision types.

Along with other vision impaired folks here, I prize the capability with
IE to resize the text with the scroll wheel. Why do the twiki section
heads resize, but the text does not? My pages resize both readily. I've
had the same discussion with our University IT types and escalated the
issue to the senior vice president level. The vice president agrees with
me and has so instructed her corps; however, there are legions of other
web wannabees here not under her command. Our department head is wanna
those bees and our serious differences have created deep divisions in
the faculty. He wants beauty at the expense of utility and of course I
want those goals reversed.

Aside: My long-ago journalism course instructor would have a lot of fun
analyzing your message and the implicit zingers it contains:

You ask if I have not seen the faq at www.ntp.org. Do you really believe
I would dare to comment on your message if I had not? I lease aside
whether you do or do not like the style. My comments have nothing to do
with that.

My journalism instructor would have even a better hoot at:

>         If you are opposed to any of these goals, please let us know.

That's what he called vigilante journalism, something like me saying
"Have you stopped telling lies about me yet?" Well, have you?


Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 6:07 PM +0000 2003/08/27, David L. Mills wrote:
> >  I'm really nervous about your message about the planned migration of faq
> >  to twiki. By reputation the faq is understood by everybody - a flat
> >  document that can be read by anybody without special tools.
>         Have you seen the page at <http://www.ntp.org/ntpfaq/NTP-a-faq.htm>?
>         This is not a flat document.  This page requires a web browser to view.
>         Neither of these facts would change, if the FAQ were converted to Twiki.
> >                                                               If a
> >  byproduct of the twiki was to produce such a flat document, even if the
> >  best features could be enjoyed only by twiki participants, I would not
> >  feel so uneasy.
>         All you would need is a web browser.  No one would need to create
> a twiki account, unless they would be interested in contributing
> their own content to the FAQ.
>         This is exactly what happens today.  Anyone can browse the public
> twiki space with any web browser.  No twiki account necessary.
> >                   As it is, complexity and abstraction pile on each other
> >  in just about everything you guys do, and the sad part about it is you
> >  guys collectively don't realize how insidious and even insulting to the
> >  average joe newbie this has become.
>         We're trying to simplify and unify the documentation, make it
> easier for us to maintain, as well as easier for other people to make
> their own contribution.
>         If you are opposed to any of these goals, please let us know.
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