[ntp:questions] Re: clock resolutions for different OS

Paul Keinanen keinanen at sci.fi
Thu Aug 28 10:21:59 UTC 2003

On 27 Aug 2003 12:19:14 -0700, ryandrk at hotmail.com (Drk Ryan) wrote:

>I can find in the MSDN documentation where the 10ms figure for WinNT
>is stated.

That applies only for single processor systems. At least on Win2k
dual processor systems, the time is incremented every 15.625 ms (64
Hz). The sleep and timeout times can be specified with 1 ms
resolution, but the actual sleep times are to the next 10 or 15.625 ms

When the multimedia timers are enabled, the sleep and timeout times
are implemented with 1 ms resolution, but the various functions
returning time information are updated only every 10 ms or every
15.625 ms.


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