[ntp:questions] Twiki - who, what where?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Aug 28 12:22:40 UTC 2003

At 3:05 AM +0000 2003/08/28, David L. Mills wrote:

>  What a fabulous suggestion! Provide an alternate version of the twiki
>  pages in flat PDF. Not only does that allow easy download and paper
>  capture but it also solves my resize problem.

	We'll have to see what is feasible.  It may be that TWiki can't 
do this, but perhaps we might be able to find an XML->Twiki 
conversion tool that we can use, in addition to an XML->PDF 
conversion tool, so that we can satisfy both goals.

	We'll have to see what is feasible.

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