[ntp:questions] [ntp: questions] Twiki, answers, faq ?????

Juan Flores jflores at sgi.es
Thu Aug 28 14:30:05 UTC 2003


     A few days ago I tried to help Greg Blakely with his Trimble
device. Noy I´ve read an answer from Harlan Stenn asking ¿me? to add
the answers to twiki.ntp.org.

     Lately I´ve been a little apart from the NTP newsgroup so I don´t
know what it is. As I have just seen, it seems like an information
repository or something like that. Am I right?

     Harlan, are you asking us to add the answers we get for our
problems once we have solved them?

     Probably it seems like an stupid question but, as I have just
said, I know nothing about this.


P.S.: I have also seen a discussion with David Mills... I think there
should be both: faq as a plain text and an information repository,
both with the same information, but I suppose it´s difficult to
maintain both...

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