[ntp:questions] Twiki - who, what where?

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Aug 28 16:21:49 UTC 2003


Can you elaborate? As I said previously, I tried hard in the NTP
documentation to produce a format that browsers can exploit as well as
trash editors. The only issue of consequence is that the trashers need
to be able to do wordwrap. I'm not sure this is completely WAI
compliant, but for us lowvision types, it ain't bad.


Dale Worley wrote:
> The worst problem I've come across with documentation is that much
> documention is no longer available in text form.  I've used machines
> with no functioning HTML browser, and it can be very difficult to read
> documentation without it.  At least for the basic information, there
> needs to be a pure-text version.
> Dale

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