[ntp:questions] Twiki - who, what where?

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Thu Aug 28 19:44:15 UTC 2003

At 4:28 PM +0000 2003/08/28, David L. Mills wrote:

>              Where is the supposed user base contributing to the FAQ and
>  why can't it be handled in traditional cut and paste?

	One problem we've had with the FAQ is something that Ulrich 
himself pointed out:

||            I'm an offline-guy. Occasionally material lies around on
|| disks and floppies for weeks or even months. Eventually I have time
|| to complete or integrate the material, and then comes a new release
|| (which I would put on CVS).

>                                                         Why burden the
>  community with additional tools and learning curves?

	As good as it is, Ulrich is the only person who can edit the FAQ 
or contribute new material to it.  With a community collaboration 
tool, anyone can contribute content at any time to any part of the 
system -- all they have to do is create an account for themselves.

>                                                        You have about 200
>  megabytes from me in the form of NTP documentation, NTP project pages
>  and a book. I don't intend to use twiki for any of this stuff.

	I wouldn't expect anyone to put an entire reference manual into a 
wiki-type system.  They serve two entirely different types of goals.

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