[ntp:questions] Decent ntp client for Win2K/WinME/Win98

Jeff Johnson pitichok at yahoo.com_nospam
Fri Aug 29 05:47:30 UTC 2003


I am a unix/linux admin and am not very up to date on Windows32 utilities.
I have a linux box acting as a NTP server (it synchs with a public
server). I have a several unix and linux servers running as clients to the
aforementioned server. I have been told to get the horde of Windows boxes
synched as well.

The users are unreliable so I need something that will start as a service
(Win2K/XP) or systray/startup process (WinME/98) and will do the
equivalent of ntpdate to my local server at startup and time synch on a
low frequency basis.

The simpler the better. I don't need anything with an OpenGL day/night
view of Earth, capable of printing the time in major cities across the
globe, or rivaling MS Word in size or resource draining.

Thank you to all who endured my post, more so to those kind souls with

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