[ntp:questions] Re: Trimble Setup Question

Harlan Stenn stenn at whimsy.udel.edu
Fri Aug 29 06:35:06 UTC 2003

Greg Blakely <greg.blakely at mci.com> writes:

> Let me second what someone else said:  If I'd known about the TWIKI
> documentation when I was getting started, it would have saved me many
> Google searches.  For basic one-machine setup, it clearly illustrates
> how simple things can be.  And, for an environment where a company
> elects to use off-site clock sources, it's a very good template.

Thanks, and I hope twiki.ntp.org will get even better.

> So, to whomever shephers the TWIKI.ntp.org website, thank you very much.

Steve Kostecke has done a ton of work to make the twiki "clean".

I am starting to fill the content.  I'd really appreciate more folks
chiming in.

Don't worry much about what you call things or where you put them.  I
expect we will clean things up as we move forward.

> A suggestion for the webmaster of www.ntp.org: put a link to the TWIKI
> site.  It'll save much frustration for all the newbies who go there
> looking for configuration answers.

There is already a link to "twiki" in the "Useful Links" area on the
right-hand side of www.ntp.org .

Please tell us more about where you think we should have other links.

And Dave writes documentation that is useful to one class of users,
Ulrich writes FAQ stuff that is useful to to other folks, and the twiki
is useful to a different set of folks.

This is Good and I have no plans to stop anybody from working on any of
the three.  If somebody comes up with ways to improve any of these or
even finds Yet Another way to document things that will help people I
will be happy to help see them become implemented.

And Dave I am open to understanding why you think the TWiki is Bad (if I
understood you correctly).


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