[ntp:questions] Re: Decent ntp client for Win2K/WinME/Win98

Andrew Davidson u887 at spammeyahoo.com
Fri Aug 29 07:15:05 UTC 2003

"Jeff Johnson" <pitichok at yahoo.com_nospam> wrote in
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> Hello,
> I am a unix/linux admin and am not very up to date on Windows32
> utilities. I have a linux box acting as a NTP server (it synchs with a
> public server). I have a several unix and linux servers running as
> clients to the aforementioned server. I have been told to get the
> horde of Windows boxes synched as well.
> The users are unreliable so I need something that will start as a
> service (Win2K/XP) or systray/startup process (WinME/98) and will do
> the equivalent of ntpdate to my local server at startup and time synch
> on a low frequency basis.
> The simpler the better. I don't need anything with an OpenGL day/night
> view of Earth, capable of printing the time in major cities across the
> globe, or rivaling MS Word in size or resource draining.
> Thank you to all who endured my post, more so to those kind souls with
> suggestions.

If you just want to keep all of your computers synched to within a
couple of seconds then you could just use SNTP.  Windows XP already has
a SNTP client built in.  You'll have to modify the settings as the
default update frequency is once a week (or at least it was on my

For Windows 98 I use Dimension 4
(http://www.thinkman.com/dimension4/index.html) there are others.  

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