[ntp:questions] Re: [ntp: questions] Twiki, answers, faq ?????

Harlan Stenn stenn at whimsy.udel.edu
Fri Aug 29 07:25:06 UTC 2003

>      A few days ago I tried to help Greg Blakely with his Trimble
> device. Noy I´ve read an answer from Harlan Stenn asking ¿me? to add
> the answers to twiki.ntp.org.

Yes - you will be the person who knows the most about your problem.

While I do not know, I suspect we could also support languages other
than English.  I am not sure this is a good idea, but we could consider

> As I have just seen, it seems like an information
> repository or something like that. Am I right?


>      Harlan, are you asking us to add the answers we get for our
> problems once we have solved them?


Here is a thought.  We currently gateway email between bugzilla and the
bugs@ mailing list.

It *might* be possible to gateway something similar between
twiki.ntp.org's "solutions wanted" area and the newsgroup, which would
make this job even easier.

It would give people who CHOOSE to use the twiki an easy way to search
for information, and when a new question appears the folks on the
newsgroup would see it so a question could be answered.

And  I, for one,  dislike searching for answers in email or news
archives.  The information is often scatterted and disconnected, and
threads are often poorly followed.  In the twiki we can polish and
collect the information.

And if you don't want to use or help with the twiki (or the faq or
anything else) then don't.

How about Dave, Ulrich, and the twiki folks just agree to let each other
do their own thing and just support each other's efforts.

> P.S.: I have also seen a discussion with David Mills... I think there
> should be both: faq as a plain text and an information repository,
> both with the same information, but I suppose it´s difficult to
> maintain both...

Dave writes NTP core documentation, with assistance from various
refclock authors and folks who submit improvements.

Ulrich edits the FAQ when he gets the time based on the information he
gets and generates.

The Twiki can be updated by Lots of people.  Steve Kostecke has
currently volunteered to help edit/manage the layout of twiki.ntp.org .
I expect that as time passes and more people use and learn about it we
will have more contributors and editors for that documentation.

I look at the twiki as an experiment and I think it will be Real Useful.

It is still new, and we have the ability to evolve it and improve it.

And all 3 project have the CHOICE of seeing what the other efforts are
doing and using each other's information if they want to.


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