[ntp:questions] unix and windows environment sync to one NT4 time server "HOW"

Matthew Mclaughlin mattylad_25 at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Jul 29 19:15:14 UTC 2003

I have a NT4 time server getting the correct time from
an atomic clock.  Synchronising the windows
environment is not a problem.  I have a unix/linux
environment which I want to sync to the NT4 server. 
Is there an application I can download on the time
server which will allow the linux/unix env to get the
time from the NT4 server.  I understand that the linux
uses ntpdate.  I have looked at the Tardis application
which says it is compatible for xntp.  

Any suggestions of how I can sync the whole of my
network "win/unix" to one NT4 server



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