[ntp:questions] unix and windows environment sync to one NT4 timeserver "HOW"

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Thu Jul 31 14:06:47 UTC 2003


For whaterver reason my Win/XP PE is now returning time to a Solaris 
ntpd configuration. When I tried last night, it did not return anything 
to ntpd for several minutes, but now apparently has learned to do that 
without further instructions on my part. There are no firewalls involved 
and no port filtering. The XP box is synchronized to time.windows.com, 
although the dispersion is really high as expected and all the NTP 
header fields look just fine.

Upon further adventure, I tried symmetric active mode. The XP box 
returned a server packet, which was not expected, but not surprising either.

Darn, next we know XP will come up encryptable, learn how to broadcast 
and respond to monitoring packets.



David L. Mills wrote:
> David,
> Better be sitting down when reading this message.
> I found just now that an ex-box Win/XP Professional Edition machine as 
> server works just fine from a Unix client using ntpdate. So, who needs 
> tardis? That's the good news.
> Now the bad; maybe not even bad at that. The same Win/XP Professional 
> Edition machine does NOT return packets from a configured ntpd client. 
> Holy cowbunger! The only difference between ntpdate and ntpd is the 
> former uses something other than port 123 in the source port field. Is 
> Win/XP so clever as that?
> I'm tempted to conclude Win/XP is so exquisitely clever that it 
> purposely declines to serve what is very likely a broken configuration 
> when ntpd is the client on the assumption the Win/XP server is a 
> terrible source, since it asks for real time like once per week. Nah, 
> Win/XP can't be that clever.
> At the moment we have no XP here other than Professional Edition. Can 
> someone confirm with Home Edition?
> Dave
> David Magda wrote:
>> "David J Taylor" <david-taylor at blueyonder.co.uk> writes:
>>>> Any suggestions of how I can sync the whole of my
>>>> network "win/unix" to one NT4 server
>>> Run NTP on all the boxes.  It is available for Linux and NT4/2000/XP 
>>> (see
>>> the following URL).
>>>  http://www.ntp.org/links.html
>> A couple of days ago someone mentioned that a program called "Tardis"
>> runs under Windows and can reply to NTP requests.
>> Either set it up to be an NTP server, or perhaps have it
>> broadcast/multicast the time.

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