[ntp:questions] Re: GMT: UT1 vs UTC

Terje Mathisen terje.mathisen at hda.hydro.com
Sat Nov 1 10:56:46 UTC 2003

David L. Mills wrote:

> Terje,
> Take a look at the DUT1 format in the WWV/H/B timecode. Only three bits
> plus signbits, so at least those stations tank out over +-0.7 s. A leap

OK, good to know!

> has to be programmed before the DUT1 gets to 0.7 s.

I still wasn't clear enough: It seems like the last leap second was 
added as soon as possible, i.e. at the point where the resulting offset 
would presumably just fit into the 0.7 s allowance.

Half a year or maybe even a full year later would both have been closer 
to the halfway (0.5 s) point.

Anyway, it _really_ doesn't matter today, what's done is done.


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