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Mon Nov 3 02:47:56 UTC 2003

shoppa at trailing-edge.com (Tim Shoppa) writes:
> Isn't GPS time what you get if you use the Motorola binary command set "@@Aw"
> option with UTC Time Correction disabled?  And I think you still can
> get the offset with "@@Bo" even if UTC has been disabled.

Interesting.  I hadn't known about the @@Aw or @@Bo command.  

Too bad Motorola didn't include a manual with my m12-oncore kit back
when I bought it in early 2000.  All I found described on the web were
a few core commands like @@Ha.  (Which I fed to mktime(3) to get a

>> I wonder why all the
>> clock-chip (and gps) manufacturers insist on handing one Y-M-D H:M:S
>> and then making one convert back to a useful number.
> Are you talking about NEMA mode maybe?  I will agree that NEMA time
> handling is pretty sucky (even if it does work 99.99999999% of the time...)

@@Ha also has the time broken down in the least useful units for
computer work.

struct Ha_data {

    /* date */
    B1              month;
    B1              day;
    B2              year;

    /* time */
    B1              hour;
    B1              minutes;
    B1              seconds;
    B4              nano_seconds;


Is there a better way to get a seconds since the epoch?

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