[ntp:questions] Re: Lists of public NTP servers

Brad Knowles brad.knowles at skynet.be
Tue Nov 4 02:04:14 UTC 2003

At 9:18 PM +0000 2003/11/03, David J Taylor wrote:

>  However, my real point was that the Official NTP Documentation should be
>  higher placed in the Google search, perhaps by the addition of some
>  keywords or heading tags.

	Keywords and heading tags mean nothing to Google.  That's one of 
the great things about it.

	The "official documentation" has lived in Dave Mills' pages at 
UDel, and the pages at www.ntp.org have only linked to the official 
documentation, because that is the way Dave wanted it.  Now that the 
official documentation appears to be moving elsewhere, we may 
hopefully be able to improve this situation.

>                             It seems obscure enough already, without
>  shrouding it in twikie dust.

	The twiki had absolutely nothing to do with this.  That 
information did not exist in the twiki, and it's not likely to exist 
there any time soon.  It's going to take some time to convert the 
documentation to any other format, if we decide that is necessary or 

	In the meanwhile, if you persist in spreading FUD about the 
twiki, you will get responses from me that will be much more frequent 
and with a much less friendly tone.

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