[ntp:questions] Re: Zone Problem?

Paul Croome Paul.Croome at softwareag.com
Tue Nov 4 10:55:05 UTC 2003

"Daniel Dotta" <daniel at labplan.ufsc.br> wrote in message news:<mailman.48.1067867746.1751.questions at ntp.org>...
> Hi,
>     I instaled a GPS reciever in a serial port at my Linux PC. The service
> is running ok. My clock is syncronized with the GPS.  My only problem is
> with the hour diference between the GPS and PC.


You don't say what sort of receiver you're using.

If it's a Meinberg DCF77C51, you can set a DIP switch to select either
UTC or CE(S)T for the timecode output. SW1-8 must be off for UTC.
Let me know if you need the exact location of the switch.

If you're using a GPS receiver -- sorry I can't help you. 

Basically it's not a problem, so why worry?


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