[ntp:questions] [TWiki] Performance Enhancements and Spiders

Steve Kostecke kostecke at ntp.org
Wed Nov 5 16:15:07 UTC 2003

* Two performance enhancements for the NTP TWiki have been implemented:

	1. "Smart" caching of previously viewed content
	2. Removal of "expensive" includes from Support.WebHome

These modifications should help improve the performance of the NTP TWiki
whilst we work on other performance enhancements.

The "Smart" caching uses the TWikiCacheAddOn to provide per-user caching
of previously viewed content; anonymous visitors are cached as the
"guest" user. Registered TWiki users may control some aspects of cache
operation by setting variables in their user page.

Caching will _not_ improve the response time for content that has been
modified since it was last viewed. Caching will _not_ improve the
response time of the topic editing process.

More information about the TWikiCacheAddOn is available at

* Limited spidering of the NTP TWiki is now allowed.

Spidering of certain URLs is not allowed because they cause "expensive"
requests (e.g. topic rdiffs), contain information that is available
elsewhere (e.g. the twiki documentation in the TWiki web), or contain
information that should not be indexed (e.g. the user pages in the Main

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