[ntp:questions] Deciding how to setup ntp.conf file.

George george.e.sullivan at saic.com
Thu Nov 6 18:10:09 UTC 2003

I am having a bit of trouble getting my client conf files correct.
Here is some system info:

- basic net diagram
  cisco.private.com <--> toad.private.com (performs routing)
                         toad.med.com <-----> other med.com systems.

- Systems are not on the internet, but a private secure Internet.

- cisco.private.com ( - a Cisco router and the only connection to
  other external subnets on the private Internet.

- toad.private.com - our SGI server that can get to cisco.private.com
  This SGI system has mulitple boards and runs only the SOCKS daemon.  The
  boards are used to connect to the external and internal subnets:
     7.160.1.x  private.com    i.e toad.private.com 
     128.1.2.x  med.com        i.e toad.med.com

- The toad.med.com system ntp.conf file is very simply:
      broadcast ttl 4
      driftfile /etc/ntp.drift

- ntpdate -v -d produces nothing unusual and returns
  without errors.

- all other systems are on the 128.1.2.x subnet.  They cannot ping, but can ping (toad.med.com).  This can not
  be changed.

I can't get them to time sync with toad.med.com.  Their ntp.conf file
 # also tried broadcastclient

The only notible info from a ntpdate -v -d is
the refid is and the "no server" error.  I think, but
am not sure, that the clients are trying to find
instead of using  I tried to point them to,
but this also failed.

Thanks to all for any help or ideas you might have.
George Sullivan
Hanover, Md.

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