[ntp:questions] Re: Jonathan Buzzard's radioclkd and FreeBSD

Jonathan Buzzard jonathan at uk.me.buzzard
Sun Nov 9 22:37:07 UTC 2003

In article <slrnbqo2ej.2esv.hjj at freesbee.wheel.dk>,
	Hans Jørgen Jakobsen <hjj at wheel.dk> writes:


> 2) I have made some DCF specific filtering of the input to remove
> spurious pulses. This might disable other non dcf decoding.
> (can be disabled at compile time)

Would you mind sending me a copy? One of the things I would like
to do is add some filtering of the input signal. I have some ideas
and have experimented a bit but would appreciate seeing other ideas
as well, as they may be better than mine.

> (I dont like the idea of automatic clock type detection when noisy
> signals are present)

Well I think that with some filtering it can be done. As it stands
the automatic clock type detection allowed me to loose a whole bunch
of code to process command line options and act on them. Over a 100
lines of C as I recall, which is a Good Thing(tm) if you ask me.

I am not adverse to adding it back but there needs to be a good

> The code needs some cleanup.
> /hjj

I don't mind, it is ideas I am looking for.


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